Software Roll-out Training

If your new software implementation or upgrade requires a software rollout, Axell Training will develop and deliver a training strategy to ensure all staff members are appropriately trained in your new software.

Our primary goal is to provide consistent opportunities and messaging for everyone who uses the software. Achieving this goal reduces the learning curve, increases usability, and makes new users feel confident learning the ins and outs of the software. From a 200 – 20,000+ (that is a large number) employee rollout, Axell Training develops and manages the entire training rollout process and makes it relevant to everyone’s needs.

Axell Training’s strategy takes into consideration the training requirements for specialized job roles, changes in management and communications, SME knowledge, frontline end users, software training data, and various examples and exercises.

With experience in a wide variety of industries, organizations, and departments, Axell Training is highly skilled in developing and delivering effective training solutions. We work together with the software project team to ensure our training is timely, relevant, and, most importantly, accurate.

To discuss your training requirements and plan for a successful upcoming rollout, call us today to arrange a meeting.

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